Signature Series Vibra-Call™ 3 Basic Kit (VC3SS-3D)

Alert yourself to household events as you move from room to room with the Signature Series Vibra-Call™ 3 Basic Kit. Specially designed for people who are deaf-blind and require a body-worn receiver for maximum freedom around the home, the Signature Series Vibra-Call™3 Receiver clips to your belt or waistband, or fits in your pocket. With it, a distinct vibration patterns distinguish between doorbells and phone calls, among other signals. The receiver notifies you to alerts it receives from the Signature Series Doorbell 418 MHz Transmitter (DB4-SS) and Signature Series Telephone/TTY/VCO Transmitter (TEL-SS), both of which are included in the kit. A Charger/Docking Station for recharging is included with the receiver, as is a Bed Vibrator with Pin Jack (VIB-PJ) and Leather Pouch (LP-12). Note: Click on the individual products listed below for a fuller description of their capabilities and also what comes in each box.