TRANSMITTERS: Become aware of daily occurrences and household emergencies.

Gain awareness of doorbells, telephone calls, room entries and sounds by equipping your home, office, dorm or hotel room with as many Medallion™ Series Transmitters as needed. Others will warn you of carbon monoxide, door/window access, fire alarms and smoke. See the full line of Medallion™ Series Transmitters.


RECEIVERS: Catching your attention with flashing strobe lights or vibrations.

Do you prefer a table-top receiver or a portable body-worn model that you’ll carry from room-to-room as you move throughout your home? With either type of Medallion™ Series Receiver – or both – you’ll gain the peace of mind that comes from instant alerts to household events. See the full line of Medallion™ Series Receivers.


ACCESSORIES: Use them to enhance usefulness or add convenience.

Medallion™ Series Accessories can improve the functionality or ease-of-use of our transmitters and receivers. For example, the Bed Vibrator with Pin Jack shakes you awake to occurrences and emergencies while you are napping or when you’re sleeping. See the full line of Medallion™ Series Accessories.