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AlarmDock Bed ShakerThe AlarmDock product line is an innovative way to use your SmartPhone as an extra loud alarm clock, 100 db,  or an alarm clock that shakes your bed. Easy to use and portable, it will be your go to alarm clock product!

AlarmDock Smartphone App

You can also stream your favorite music from your Smartphone, in clear, full sound using the AlarmDock Wireless speaker. 

The Alarm Dock smartphone app, free download for either iOS or Android, has many features:

    • Quick download
    • Large clock readout, both vertical and horizontal with multiple colors
    • Alarms and timers
    • Volume and tone control
    • Will activate (phone) flasher
    • Easily manage your settings and wireless connections


    • Add the shaker module, power cube and bed vibrator
    • Smartphone not included.

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Apple App StoreAlarmDock App

For Android devices, pleases download the app directly from us.