Questions & Answers

Not sure of who benefits from Silent Call, how it works, where to begin with a new system or how to upgrade an existing one? Start here. We’ve answered the most common questions people have about Silent Call products in the paragraphs below.

Who are Silent Call products for?

Silent Call products are designed for almost anyone – including people who are hard of hearing, deaf, deaf-blind, heavy sleepers, or wear a hearing aid.

How do you benefit from Silent Call products?

By alerting people who are hard of hearing to visitors, phone calls, and potential safety threats such as an intruder or fire in your home, Silent Call helps you enjoy a lifestyle that’s more fully engaged with family and neighbors. By becoming better aware of changes to your environment, you gain security as well.

What types of events do Silent Call products alert you to?

With our system, you outfit your home with as many wireless Silent Call transmitters as desired. Positioned at the front door, in the kitchen, by the furnace or in the bedroom, they alert you to carbon monoxide, doorbell ringing, door/window access, fire alarm or smoke detector activation, sound monitor, telephone call, and severe weather alerts. We even have bed and floor mat sensors to let you know when someone gets out of bed, or arrives at your front door.

When a doorbell rings or other event occurs, what happens?

The Silent Call transmitter broadcasts a wireless signal to Silent Call receivers. When the broadcast signal is received, the receiver will flash a strobe light and/or vibrate to notify you to the event. Many of our receivers help you distinguish between a doorbell and phone call, for example, with a specific colored light or distinctive vibration pattern. Most people place multiple Silent Call receivers throughout their homes on end tables and nightstands. You can wear other Silent Call receivers on your waist, in your pocket or on your belt. These are particularly useful if working in the garden or enjoying your patio.

I also see accessories listed. What are they?

Over the years, people have asked for items with which to enhance the performance or convenience of their Silent Call products. We’ve met their requests with useful accessories such as replacement batteries, battery chargers, replacement cases, bed vibrators, and more for our Medallion Series.

Final question: Can I choose Silent Call with confidence?

Committed to manufacturing in the U.S.A., Silent Call products are designed and built in America to the highest quality standards. Easy to install and operate, they’re backed by the Silent Call 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. What’s more, our products are supported by the five-year Silent Call General Warranty on materials and workmanship. Through our commitment to quality, performance and value, we’ve met the needs and earned the trust of thousands of people, including people who are deaf, deaf-blind, hard of hearing or seniors. You, too, can select Silent Call products with complete confidence.