Legacy Series (318MHz)

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Enhance your existing system with our Legacy Series 318 MHz products. Legacy Series

Our original choice for performance and value, Legacy Series kits, transmitters, receivers and accessories are fully compatible with one another and operate at 318 MHz for excellent range. Upgrade the performance or convenience of your current system with the products you see here.

KITS: A convenient and economical way to upgrade.

If completing an addition, finishing a basement or extending your living or work space to a previously unused room such as an attic, equip it with a Legacy Series Kit. For convenience as well as cost savings, they combine a receiver with two or more transmitters. See the full line of Legacy Series Kits.

TRANSMITTERS: Notifying you to doorbells, smoke and more.

Additional Legacy Series Transmitters are a great way to upgrade the performance of your current system or extend its functionality to a room that’s not yet outfitted. With them, you’ll be alerted to door/window access, fire alarms, telephone calls and other events. See the full line of Legacy Series Transmitters.

RECEIVERS: Place extras on tables, in a pocket or on your belt.

Gain extra peace of mind by supplementing your present system with additional Legacy Series Receivers. Attractive additions to any room in the form of table-top models, they’re also offered as personal receivers to place in your pocket or wear at the waist of your slacks or skirt. See the full line of Legacy Series Receivers.

ACCESSORIES: Add functionality or convenience.

Upgrade the performance of your current system with any of the many Legacy Series Accessories we offer. Back-up battery packs, strobe lights, alarm clocks and other items are great ways to add convenience or increase functionality. See the full line of Legacy Series Accessories.

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