Signature Series


Signature Series

Our most technically advanced and capable line of products, Signature Series kits, transmitters, receivers and accessories operate at 418 MHz for extended-range, wireless convenience of up to 800 feet, depending on product combination.* Begin with a kit and then augment its components with additional transmitters, receivers and accessories as needed.

*Normal stated coverage between the transmitter and receiver is clear line of sight. Coverage can be affected by concrete-reinforced walls, TV transmitters, computers, mobile phones and other factors.

Signature Series

KITS: Putting it all together – economically, and with convenience.

Combining a receiver with two or more transmitters for convenience as well as cost savings, Signature Series Kits are a great place to start when equipping your home. You’ll complement your choice in kits with additional transmitters, receivers and accessories as needed. See the full line of Signature Series Kits.

TRANSMITTERS: Alerting you to visitors, phone calls and emergencies.

Designed to notify you of everyday occurrences as well as potential dangers, you can position Signature Series Transmitters throughout the home. They will alert you to carbon monoxide, door/window access, doorbells, fire alarms, telephone calls, weather warnings and more. See the full line of Signature Series Transmitters.

RECEIVERS: Signaling you by strobe lights, vibrations or both.

Worn on your wrist, at the waist or placed on a table, Signature Series Receivers detect signals from transmitters as far as 800 feet away. They strobe or pulse to catch your attention and then alert you to specific events (e.g., the doorbell) by colored lamps, lighted icons or distinctive vibrations. See the full line of Signature Series Receivers.

ACCESSORIES: Enhancing performance or functionality.

Care has been taken to make Signature Series products as complete as possible. Knowing, however, that you may prefer a rechargeable battery over standard type or want the added assurance of a bed vibrator, we’ve developed a number of useful extras. See the full line of Signature Series Accessories.  


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